getBookings() API method

modified modified since (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) format (GMT time)
datefrom earliest date (yyyy-mm-dd) format
dateto latest date (yyyy-mm-dd) format
propid optional propid
roomid optional roomid
masterid optional masterid
bookid optional bookid


This method returns an XML document containing bookings and invoiced items. The required fields are the username and password of the account. The account APIKEY can be used as the password. Optional modified since time can be specified. Optional from and to dates may also be specified. The date range applies to the last night of the booking. If datefrom is not set it defaults to today. Optional propid, roomid, masterid or bookid can be specified to limit the returned bookings to one booking, booking group, room or property.

The parameters can be sent as post fields as in the form above or posted as XML like follows: