Envio de dinero a Cuba
We offer a way how to send money to your relatives in Cuba. We use the same reservation systém as in case of accommodation there in Cuba. Thus we can keep the price of our service very low. We charge 4 EUR for our service. 10% are worth bank charges - card withdrawal with the POS, exchange rates, bank transfers.

For now it is only possible to pay by bank transfer, so the money takes about 1-3 days to come to Cuba. We are preparing a possibility to pay through a Payment Gateway immediately and thus the money will be in Cuba in a couple of hours

Please do it in the same way as if you were booking accommodation:

1. Choose the quantity you want to send
2. Don't select any dates in the calendar (it is no point doing that so)
3. Press the button "Reserve" or "Book" in English
4. Fill in the data in the form
5. Push the button "Confirm the reservation"

The email must be yours. You will receive a confirming e-mail. We will withdraw the money from your card as soon as your money reaches Cuba. The same day your relatives get the money. If the the money transfer from your card fails, your order will be cancelled and you will receive a cancellation email.
20 CUC o 480 CUP
25 EUR - 4 EUR -10% =18.9 EUR * 1.06 = 20 CUC

Terms and Conditions
The client receives an email with confirmation of his order.
When the funds are already in Cuba (they are almost always available immediately) the recipient receives a call or an SMS to confirm the number of his magnetic card.
If everything is correct, we send you the Bank data where to pay.
When we recieve the money in our Bank Account, a money transfer is immediately made to the recipient's magnetic card.

Your safety
We work with a POS terminal which belongs to the bank and for which there are very strict contracts.
If we charge customer services which the customer never receives, the customer files a dispute with their bank, and we are obliged to return their money. This is how all POS terminals work. In exchange, if the client buys something online and pays it IMMEDIATELY with his card through an "Internet payment gate", he is responsible and cannot claim anything. With the POS payment terminal, we are the responsible.