A four-minute walk from the gate of Fukuyama Station.
No guest checkout is necessary. Popular local bars and izakaya near the station are open until midnight.
AREA INN FUSHIMICHO 2-8 2F Male Dormitory
AREA INN FUSHIMICHO 2-8 2F Male Dormitory

【Recommend for solo trip (men-only) , group travel】
A room with six beds. A shared community space can also be used  for a workspace. Men-only dormitory; for a private reservation, men-only, women-only and mixed groups are welcomed.

Click here for Female Dormitory

■July 1, 2020 - Price Change and Amenities
From July 1, we will be changing our dormitory prices. Amenities (towels, toothbrushes and disposable slippers) will be charged separately. We will provide this service for a fee. Thank you for your understanding.

4,510yen/person for one dormitory room→3,300yen/person
Dormitory rental 27,060 yen/room→19,800 yen/room

Shampoo, conditioner and body soap are free.
Capacity: 6 adults
※ Private room permitted from 3 person 
The reservation for Private room is 19,800 yen (including tax) per room for 3-6 people.
Please set the number of people to 6 people and make a reservation.

※ In the case of Private room, you can use it regardless of gender
age limit: 6 years and over (adult rate)
※ Cannot use beds for sleeping together

Bed size: Single
※ Shared community space, washbasin space, shower room, hairdryer, toilet and fridge in the room. Wi-Fi available.

 Check-in is available from 4 P.M to 9 P.M.
Please contact us beforehand if you will be late or early.
Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled and treated as a no-show.
After check-in, you may leave and return as you please - the accomodation has no access restrictions.
All we ask, is that you don't make a loud sound in the middle of night.

 Our reception is same place as AREA INN Café Lounge.
Please note that the reception is a different building from the guest rooms.

 FUJIMOTO BLDG 1F, 4-33, Fushimi-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima, 720-0062

 Check-out is until 11 A.M. There is no necessary procedure.

【Luggage Storage】11:00~23:00
 The staff may be absent depending on the time of day.
Please contact us in advance if you would like to keep your luggage.

 Our parking lot is available for free.

 Baytown West Park
  7-7, Nobuhiro-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima, 720-0064
  Tel: 084-391-1716
  Enter : 8 A.M.~12 A.M. 
  Exit : 24 hours

【Cancellation of reservation】
 We accept cancellations, however, we will charge a cancellation service fee.
You’ll be charged half price if you cancel 7-5 days before arrival.
(4 days before 70%, 1 day before the Check-in day 80%, Check-in day 100%)