`En suite - room only'
Popular with those on a tight budget since no breakfast at all is included with this room option but you still have an 80% chance of being allocated a bedroom with full air conditioning in Amber House.
All bedrooms used for the `En suite - room only' tariff are fully double glazed with at least an en suite shower cubicle and wash hand basin + private WC. All have large High Definition LCD TV's and you can help yourself freely to ANZAC biscuits and drinks...
`En suite - room only'
Guests2 People     change details?
ArrivingWed 19 Dec 2018
DepartingThu 20 Dec 2018
Pricefor 1 night129.00

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"Scud & Stroll" return trip to Abel Tasman National Park - ADULTNZ$13000Quantity0.00
"Scud & Stroll" return trip to Abel Tasman NP - child < 14 yearsNZ$7500Quantity0.00
Cooked breakfast (FREE for Balcony Suite; Blue, Gold & Rose Rooms)NZ$1700Quantity0.00
Un-cooked breakfast
(FREE except "En Suite", "Our Choice", Overflow room types)
Upgrade to cooked breakfast - Green Room ONLYNZ$900Quantity0.00
Extra single bed in Blue/Gold Room
(already included FREE if more than 2 guests)
200MB WiFi (free for Balcony Suite; Blue, Gold & Rose Room tariffs)NZ$800Quantity0.00
600 MB Wireless Internet (free for Balcony Suite; Gold and Blue Room)NZ$2000Quantity0.00
Bike hire (1 person for 1 day and free for Balcony Suite)NZ$3000Quantity0.00
Back, neck, shoulders holistic massage (allow 45 min)NZ$7500Quantity0.00
Full Body: relaxation massage (allow 1 hour)NZ$9000Quantity0.00
EARLY BIRD discounts pick right ONE below!NZ$000Quantity0.00
3% EARLY BIRD discount more than 6 days in advance + instant card debit-3%0.00
4% EARLY BIRD discount more than 14 days in advance + instant card debit-4%0.00
5% EARLY BIRD discount more than 1 month in advance + instant card debit-5%0.00
6% EARLY BIRD discount more than 2 mo in advance + instant card debit-6%0.00
7% EARLY BIRD discount more than 3 mo in advance + instant card debit-7%0.00
8% EARLY BIRD discount more than 4 mo in advance + instant card debit-8%0.00
9% EARLY BIRD discount more than 6 mo in advance + instant card debit-9%0.00
10% EARLY BIRD discount more than 12 mo in advance + instant card debit-10%0.00
Voucher Code0.00

Grand TotalNZ$129.00
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AMBER HOUSE - at the centre! ™

Copyright 2011 George Amber. 1897 Amber House with the ridge leading to the 'Centre of New Zealand' visible above the roofline. Central, clean and quiet, our seven room 1897 heritage home faces Neale Park where kites fly in the sea breeze most afternoons. Crystal chandeliers and ceilings over 11ft high downstairs; good views upstairs.
All bedrooms in Amber House are double-glazed with desks, direct dial phones, digital safe, en-suite shower + wash handbasin, HD flat screen TV's and WiFi internet; all but one are air conditioned.
FREE hot drinks, ANZAC biscuits and a garage for bikes but everywhere's just a short stroll...

property picture

Information and Policy

Telephone021-202 4961
Fax+44 70 05 96 34 37
Mobile+64 21 202 4961
AddressAmber House, 46 Weka Street, Nelson City Centre
Postal46 Weka Street, Nelson 7010, New Zealand ☎ ⨢64 21-202 4961
Occupancy`En suite - room only' is suitable for up to 8 people
Earliest arrivalby arrangement, but typically after 14:00hrs
Latest arrivalby arrangement, but typically before 21:30hrs
Vacate timeby arrangement, but typically before 10:35hrs
General policyWe are completely and vehemently NON-SMOKING!

Check in time is by prior agreement - typically between 14:00 and 21:30hrs.

In our seven bedroom, 120-year old home, there is a choice of four guest bedrooms available for reservation, but we don't book more than 4 guests into our home at one time.

Anne (aged 16) and Adam (aged 15) live on the premises but we have no other pets.
Children pay the same as adults except that one or more infants still being breast-fed by their mother (who is a paying guest at Amber House) are neither charged nor listed in the booking.
Payment policyWe prefer you to pay either before or on arrival but, at the very latest, at breakfast on the morning of departure.

All quoted prices are for CASH payment on arrival and include all applicable taxes, levies and service charges.
Tipping is not common practice in New Zealand, "Thank you" is all that is expected - even for exceptional service.

Many folks sensibly reserve their stay by giving us VISA or MasterCard details when booking and then avoid the card surcharge of 10% by paying in cash when they arrive at Amber House (since cards are usually only authorised for payment when booking and NOT actually debited until your day of departure from Amber House if cash payment has not been made).
Cancellation policyFor each CANCELLATION or change of date required there will always be an administration charge of NZ$9-20 levied by Amber House.
Except for Early Bird bookings, there will be no additional charges if 31 days or more notice is given to Amber House Limited or we can replace the booking.

If we can not replace the booking and except for Early Bird bookings, these cancellation charges will apply in addition to the administration charge:-
10% of the original agreed payment will also still be required if only 14 to 30 days notice is given;
30% payment if 6 to 13 days notice is given;
50% payment if 3 to 5 days notice is given;
70% payment if 1 to 2 days notice is given;
85% payment if less than 24 hours notice is given.
110% payment is contractually required if you simply don't show up within 2 hours of your advised arrival time without any prior notice to us at all
[and without reasonable excuse - since we will be worried you've had an accident and may be phoning the police and hospitals and postponing our usual bed-time!]
We strongly recommend guests take out travel insurance to protect themselves against any unexpected changes to their travel plans and we trust you will appreciate that our cancellation policies, as specified above, are more liberal than most New Zealand B&B's.
Legal policyBy submitting your reservation request you agree to the payment, cancellation and general policies of Amber House, including, but not limited to those policies currently outlined at

and to all the terms and conditions that follow in this on-line booking procedure:-

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