Lodge De Stee
Comfortable accommodation with a view of the meadows and natural swimming pond. Enjoy a stay in a tiny house built entirely of wood. Marvel at the space with 4 sleeping places, a living room with a kitchen and a toilet and bathroom.
Guest(s) 4
Facilities Bath towels, bed linen available, kitchen with inventory, coffee and tea facilities, free Wifi, air conditioning.
View On garden and natural swimming pond
Size 36m2
Type of bed 2x double bed. 1x children's bunk bed ( upper).
Dog No
Breakfast Breakfast not available
Arrival Between 17.00 and 19.00 
Departure Before 11.00
Living room
The living room is over 6 metres long and 4 metres wide. On either side is a strip of a small metre wide with the facilities rooms. We have placed a large dining table with 4 comfortable chairs in the Stee. There are also two separate chairs to read or watch TV in. The TV is built into one of the bedsteads and can be turned to face the living room. In the living room also comes the split-unit heating / cooling.

We have a nice compact complete kitchen with - again - all electric technique. There is a refrigerator, induction hob, extractor hood and combi oven. In the kitchen there is also a Nespresso machine and kettle.

A separate toilet we find so pleasant.

The construction of the bathroom corresponds to that of the toilet. Extra is a window with opaque glass. The bathroom has a large shower (90 * 100 centimeters) and a separate sink with mirror and cabinets. The mirror has a double function: it is not only a mirror but also a heater for the bathroom.
On either side of the living room there are two bedsteads. You can sit on it during the day to read or watch TV. These sofa beds are extendable to 2 adult sleeping places.
On the right-hand side, there is also an extra children's bed above the sofa bed. In the situation that two children are sleeping, one can sleep on the sofa bed and the other on the higher children's bed. In that case, the sliding doors can be closed at night to increase the sleeping pleasure of the children and the privacy of the parents.
A TV has been built into the left cupboard bed, so that the parents can always enjoy watching TV.

Project de Stee
The idea is to have a ready-made product for a Dutch small house. This house is flexible and suitable for residential and recreational use. It meets building standards and is sustainably built and exploitable. Besides all this, it is above all beautiful and unique!
The tiny house movement often leads to semi-permanent living in long rectangular shapes. Square living is more interesting: it is more compact, the space can be better organised from a 'directionless' centre. Materialisation, compactness and comfort of the garden house are translated into a product whose essence is a kind of orientationless square space. The final house is not orientation-free: there are two clear walls with functions and two 'ends' with the entrance and the view. The small house stands in the greenery and therefore has one side entirely of glass. The space you give up inside, you get back outside.
Three different entrepreneurs sat down to work out this idea together and received a subsidy to do so.