Laurium Manor Inn Reservations

Some of our rooms might be booked for the date(s) you've selected, so scroll to the bottom to see alternative dates for their availability or check availability at Victorian Hall. If you need assistance, please call (906) 337-2549 or email us.
Room 1 – Laurium Suite
This room was originally the guest bedroom for the Hoatsons. This room has the only access to the balcony. We have been told that Theodore Roosevelt stayed in this room during his campaign here for President in 1912.

Room 2 - Allouez

Originally the Hoatson's two oldest daughters, Gussie and Gertrude, shared this bedroom.

Room 3 - Tamarack

Originally a nursery for the Hoatson's youngest daughter Grace. 

Room 4 - Delaware

The Hoatson's two youngest sons, Chester & James Ramsey, shared this bedroom. 

Room 5 - Hecla

Originally, this was the Hoatson's oldest son Calvin's bedroom,

Room 6 - Calumet Suite

This was Cornelia and Thomas Hoatson's bedroom. 

Room 7 - Quincy

Originally, this was one of the maid's bedrooms.

Room 8 - Osceola

Originally one of the maids rooms.

Room 9 - Ahmeek Room

Originally the head maid's room.

Room 101 - Bisbee Suite
Originally this room was the hayloft and grain storage for the horses that were kept below. Then it was a storage area when the Hoatson's bought their first automobiles and no longer needed the horses.


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