TAË used to be the residence of a sericulturist.
The name TAË represents intricate interweaving of silk threads, paper pulp, lacquer, and history.
 SANAE TANAKA, a highly skilled lacquer artist, was engaged to create installations in the space to tell this poetic story.
 Artwork viewing is exclusive for staying guests only.

ADDRESS : 31, FUjihashi, Nanto, Toyama, Japan
MAPCODE : 122 206 714*00
PARKING : available (Free)
Stay Plan
A stay plan for relaxing yourself. Breakfast included. Any change or cancel of reservation is not accepted.

Stay + Workshop Plan
Workshop option included. Each class charges you additional 10,000 yen per person. Since it starts from 9:00am, you probably want to join it on the 2nd day, but let us know which day is suitable for you. We will see the availability after your booking request, and confirm it if artisans can accept it. Booking will be closed 10 days before. Any change or cancel of reservation is not accepted.

Stay Plan without Breakfast
A stay plan without breakfast. Get 30% discount for 3 nights or longer stay. Any change or cancel of reservation is not accepted.

Toyama, Ishikawa, Gifu Resident Offer
Special deal for Toyama, Ishikawa, Gifu resident.

・Check-in time : 16:00-21:00
・Procedure : You will receive the key at BnC LOUNGE (南砺市本町3丁目41番).

・Check-ou time : 05:00-11:00

・The workshop is an option.
・Please write or call us 10 days before arrival to confirm if the class is available.
・The class might be unavailable due to the artisan's schedule.

・We make a 30% discount for extra charge for children under 10.
・Children under 3 who sleep with their parent are free of charged.