Jobelhome Apartments are a high-quality apartment rental service provider. We are welcoming guests from around the world for both short and long term stay to enjoy unparalleled hospitality in this fabulous city, Budapest.

We strive to be the perfect choice either for couples, business travelers as well for parents traveling with children. The units are equipped with the latest SmartHome technology and inter-connecting to maximize space and comfort.



Stylish living & business in Budapest

Apartments designed in a cool New York loft-style, providing maximum space and comfort for all occasions. The units are equipped with the latest SmartHome technology and inter-connecting to maximize space and comfort. They are located in the 7th District of Budapest, just minutes walk from Erzsebet Boulevard, the Hungarian Music Academy, and the fabulous entertainment district.

Our apartments think the way you do and understand which light to turn on, what is your preferred temperature and most importantly care about your health. Our system has plenty of carbon filters to provide you the best air to recharge your batteries after a long day. This level of comfort can be experienced at Jobelhome Apartments. 

Exclusive 3BR Apartment near Castle

Our quiet and newly renovated apartment is situated in the downtown on the Buda side, nearby the steps to the castle and to the tunnel leading to the Chain Bridge. A typical old Budapest of the centennial times meets the 21st century in this elegant, exclusive design apartment.

This combination of the two apartments is ideal for multi-generational families because the family members can separate themselves to keep their privacy but live together in common areas. The three-bedroom apartment is 100 sqm and hosts up to 7-8 people. It consists of the 2BR Apartment plus the Studio attached.