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180 m² | 5 bedrooms | 3 living rooms | 2 bath | Dining table 24 pers. | Outdoor Jacuzzi 

A special warm and cozy Chalet that has a fantastic location with an incredible view on the mountain almost 1100 meters above sea level. Originally Torillstua was a Mountain Pasture that has been converted into a Chalet. In the old days they had the "Know How" where and how to build in relation to nature. Lot of Sunshine for the natural heating of the living room and outdoor area sheltered for the wind. The Mountain Birch trees surround the outside area, that was chopped to give grazing space for the animals, a few generations ago.

The newly renovated Torillstua has a modern expression where we have taken care of it originallity. The Chalet offers high standard of the facilities we have become used to in the homes where we live. The kitchen is well equipment for making gourmet food for everyone when the dining room is packed. Torillstua has 3 living rooms, so there are several zones, which is convenient when many people will be together for several days. Everything is suitable for a wonderful mountain experience both outdoors and when in the cabin.

Torillstua has been rebuilt several times and last in 2017 when it was completely renovated with 2 new bathrooms and most of the interior is new. The area is very well utilized and most people think the cabin is larger than the 150 square meters as it is. There is a TV with good channel selection in the two main living rooms. There is room for parking at least 5 cars.
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