It’s easy to book! We require weekly stays throughout Spring Break/Summer season (Feb 27 to April 9 and May 28 to Sept 3) with Saturday arrival/departure. If there is a week that isn’t filled, we can break up weeks at the last minute. Things to remember:
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas require a 5 night stay.
  • For weekly stay you must pick a Saturday arrival and pick 7 nights (or 14, 21, 28).
  • For dates outside the weekly minimum, choose any day and pick any number of nights (min 3).
If you have trouble completing the online booking, we are happy to help walk you through it. Send us a quick note!
The Seagull Cottage
Click inside the NIGHTS box and choose 7 nights for weekly bookings (see above for stay requirements) or min 3 nights for shorter stays.
Click inside the CHECK IN box to reveal booking calendar and use the arrows to scroll to to the correct month for your stay.
Once you have the month visible, click on a Saturday and take look at the calendar below to see which days/weeks are available.
Days/weeks that are grayed out in the calendar below are already booked. Days that are GREEN are available.
When you get your available dates, click on CONFIRM YOUR BOOKING.