【General Policy】

Please make sure to read the following sentence before you book.

Pre-payment applies to all of the guests
Pre-payment is that we verify your credit card
If your card is invalid, you need to provide us with new credit card information or reply to us with a payment option within 24 hours, or we will cancel your booking
We charge to your credit card on the day before your booking date accordance with our cancel policy. 

・・・・・Special Discount・・・・・
If you stay Guesthouse Raicho,you can get 10% discount.
*This can be combined with 'Goto travel discount'(35% discount from the price applied 10% discount)
Please fill in 'stay raicho' in the box of 'Voucher Code'.

・・・・・For a party of tourists・・・・・
We will charge the fee immediately for the guests who booked for more than 7 person.
No refunds for the cancellations 7 days before your booking date.

・・・・・Policy of Cancellation・・・・・
On the day: 100%
1~3 days before: 50%
4~7 days before: 20%
If the tour is cancelled due to the weather,there is no cancellation fee.
This policy is only for the fee of tour,it doesn't aplly to the rental fee.
If you cancel your booking after we charge to your credit card,we can pay back to you accordance with our cancel policy

・・・・・Conditions to hold the tours・・・・・
In case it is terrible weather(ex. Heavy rainy,Strong windy,Storm,Risk of avalanche),there is a possibility to cancel the tour.
If you do not have suitable equipment or you are in bad condition,we can not allowed you to participate the tour.
Please make sure to follow the instructions of guide.


【Related information for Tours】

・・・・・Cycling tour・・・・・
Children aged under 12
cannot participate.
Bike and helmet are included.
Please take the clothes easy to move,sneakers and rain wear.

・・・・・Snow shoeing tour・・・・・
Children aged over 6 can participate any snow shoeing tour.
If a child in your party,you can participate only private tour.

You must take following equipment if you participate snow shoeing tour.

・Snow outer and pants
・Snow boots with waterproof  *This is not snow shoes.We wear snow shoes over snow boots
・Hat (ex. beanie,cap,Knit cap etc...)
・Goggle (It is better to wear sunglasses from middle of March)
・Gloves with waterproof

All of snow shoeing tour include snow shoes or snow crampons,trekking poles,gaiter and Head light.
We don't rent Snow outer, pants, hat, goggle and gloves  as a part of infection measures this year(20-21 season).

・・・・・Time to start the tours・・・・・
・Kamikochi Rime Ice Snow Shoeing tour : 7:30(at Nakanoyu. Leave from Guesthouse Raicho at 6:50)
・Zengoro Snow Shoeing tour or Zengoro Lite tour(Morning) or Norikura One Day Tour: Leave from Guesthouse Raicho at 9:00 or 9:30
・Zengoro Snow Shoeing tour or Zengoro Lite tour(Afternoon) : Leave from Guesthouse Raicho at 13:00 or 13:30
・Night Snow Shoeing tour : 19:00
・Private tour : Basically as above,but we can accept your request.
                     If you'd like to see hoar frost in Kamikochi,we should leave in early morning.
・Cycling tour : 13:00 If you'd like to participate this tour in morning,please ask to us.(It costs additional fee)
・Mt.Norikura Spring Snow Shoeing Tour : 8:30(Meeting time 8:10 at Guesthouse Raicho)

・・・・・Meeting place・・・・・
・For the guests stay Guesthouse Raicho
 Guestouse Raciho

・For the guests stay in Norikura Highlands
 We can pick you up at any hotel in Norikura Highlands.
 If you participate the tours in Kamikochi,we can pick up the guests staying at Shirahone Onsen and Sawando.

・For the guests drive to the meeting place by yourself and participate the Rime Ice tours in Kamikochi
 Please come to the second Sawando parking lot at 7:00.

・For the guests drive to the meeting place by yourself and participate the tours except the tours in Kamikochi
 Please come to Guesthouse Raicho 30 minutes before the time to start the tour.
・For the guests participate the Rime Ice tour in Kamikochi and come to Guesthouse Raicho by bus on the day
Due to the start time is very early, there is no bus can take. Please stay in our Guesthouse Raicho or 1 day before the tour.

If you participate the private tour, we can set meeting point and time according to your bus schedule.

・For the guests participate the tour which starts in morning in Norikura and come to Guesthouse Raicho by bus on the day
From Matsumoto
Take the bus arrive at Norikura Tourist information center by 8:50 and come to Guesthouse Raicho by yourself.
The bus time schedule of Alpico Express in winter is opened to public in November.

From Takayama  : 
You can only participate the tour held in afternoon.
Take the bus arrive at Oyakodaki at 11:37 and get off at Oyakodaki.
We will pick you up there.

・For the guests participate Mt.Norikura Spring Snow Shoeing Tour and come to Guesthouse Raicho by bus on the day

From Matsumoto
Take a train at 6:31 → Arrive at Shinshimashima Sta. at 7:01 → Take a bus at 7:35 → Arrive at Norikura Information Center at 8:22

From Takayama
You have to stay us on a day before.
We can pick you up at Oyakodaki bus stop after 3 p.m.

*It is free to take a hot spring after the tour.
*We recommend that staying Guesthouse Raicho 3-5 days and waiting the best weather.

Cycling Tour on Alps's Forest Road
Yuma is owner of us and official nature guide of Japan Mountain Guides Association and loves nature very much.

Mao is staff of Guesthouse Raicho, very famous bike packer and loves bicycle very much.

They are running this tour.

The reason we run this tour in Norikura highland is because we hope to connect people to great nature.
Norikura Highland is very beautiful with lots of wonderful places where you can feel the real nature such as rivers, waterfalls, forest trails etc.

We look forward to seeing you in this tour.

*Children aged under 12 cannot participate in this tour.
*This tour includes the fee to rent a bicycle.

Kamikochi Rime Ice Snow Hiking Tour
Kamikochi shows us many different expressions each season. In winter, it's surrounded with silence and you can see real Japanese alps. You would not hear any sound,except your footsteps.

Half day snowshoe tour to Kamikochi’s Taisho Pond and Tashiro Pond. If you'd like to visit Kamikochi in winter but it's difficult for you to hike all day,we recommend this tour.

For enjoying the best parts of Kamikochi, rime ice and sunrise in tashiro pond, we will set out tour from guesthouse Raicho  at 07:30 and end around 12:00.

If the weather is not suitable for rime ice and sunrise, you can change to another tour or Date for free.

This tour won’t go to Kappa bridge, if you want to see Kappa bridge, please join a private tour.

Duration: 3 hour ~ 4 hour
Minimum participants : 2people

* Maximum participants: 6 people.

*We have Japanese and English speaking guide.
If you need Chinese speaking guide, please join private tour and appoint the guide.

*Due to the snow condition we may use crampon instead of snowshoes. 

Norikura Group Snowshoe Tour

We provide several route in Norikura Highland, you will experience the best snowshoeing activity in Japan.

【Group Snowshoe Tour】
① Zengoro Waterfall Snowshoe Tour Lite (1.5 hours)
② Zengoro Waterfall or Sanpon Waterfall Snowshoe Tour (3 hours)
③ Sanpon Waterfall Snowshoe Tour(3 hours)
④ Norikura 1 day Snowshoe Tour (6 hours)

You can select the tour start before noon or afternoon, please selecting in the booking page.

* Maximum participants: 6 people
* Minimum participants: 2 people
* 1 day tour have to prepare lunch, you can eating at the restaurant in ski resort or order Oyki (Traditional bun in Japan) 

The basic price is for Zengoro Waterfall Snowshoe Tour Lite

You can choose the tours after choosing the date and number of participants and clicking 'Book'.

*You're plannnig to stay Raicho,please select 'Stay raicho'
  You don't stay Raicho,please select 'Only tour'
***Departure Time***
Snowshoe Tour(before noon)……8:00~9:30
Snowshoe Tour(after noon)……12:30~13:30

*For meeting point and time, please see the general policy.

《Zengoro Waterfall Snowshoe Tour Lite》
The shorter tour is suitable for family having children and participants who do not have confidence in stamina. Walking through the forest of Japanese white birch and mizunara, feeling every step on the snow.
Duration:1.5 hours

《Zengoro Waterfall Snowshoe Tour》
Walking through the primary forest as the forest we saw in fairytale, after seeing Ushitome ice pond, Zengoro waterfall appears in the canyon, we can walk near the bottom of the waterfall because the waterfall is mostly icing. In this tour you can experience the best part activity in snowshoe tour, Downhill running with snowshoe and falling into deep snow.
Duration: 3 hours

《Sanpon Waterfall snowshoe tour》
Walking in the beautiful snow mountain, discover the icy Sanpon waterfall in the canyon. It’s very easy to get lost on this route without a guide in winter due to the deep snow. 3 stream with different sources flow together in this place as waterfalls, in deep winter, the icy waterfall looks like a icy palace in fairytale.
Duration: 3 hours

《Norikura Highland 1 Day Snowshoe Tour》
Enjoying all of the best scenery in Norikura highland, follow with our guide, exploring the dreaming view, we will walk into the secret area of Sanpon waterfall, passing primary forest and breathtaking trail. maybe there is no other place you can enjoy snowshoes like Norikura highland. 

【Spring Group Snowshoe Tour】

《Mt. Norikura Spring Snowshoe tour》
The tour starts from 4/29, taking a bus to Kuraigahara Hutte(Elevation of 2400m). From Kuraigahara Hutte, hiking with snowshoes or crampons, walking to the snow highland overlooking Mt. Norikura, if the weather is good, we can see Mt. Hotaka with white hilltop also. (The tour only holds on 29th April ~ end of May, one month limited.)

Hiking in snow mountains is not usually an easy activity, but in Norikura, where with the highest road in Japan, we can take a bus to a high altitude place, even a beginner can also walk in the snow mountain.

*You have to be 11 years old or more to join this tour.
If there is a child aged 10 or less in your party,you must book as private.

*Maximum number of participants for a private tour is 8.
The tour fee is 38000 yen.
If you'd like to book the tour as private,we'd like you to fill 'Request Private' in the 'comments' box. 

*Round tickets for the bus(2500 yen) are NOT included. 
If you come here by bus,we recommend buying a 2 day free passport. (Also has 3 day passport)

* Minimum participants: 2 people
Time :08:30 ~ 13:00 (Meeting time: 8:10)

Private Snow Shoeing Tour
Walk with your family, partners, significant persons, children, at a comfortable pace, at your own speed, enjoying hiking on the snow.

Guesthouse Raicho has 4 kinds of private snowshoe tour.
・Norikura half day private snowshoe tour
・Norikkura 1 day private snowshoe tour
・Kamikochi half day private snowshoe tour
・Kamikochi 1 day private snowshoe tour

The maximum participants for a private snowshoe tour is 8 people.

The basic price is for the Norikura half day Snowshoe Tour.

You can choose the tours after choosing the date and number of participants and clicking 'Book'.

*You're planning to stay Raicho,please select 'Stay raicho'
  You don't stay Raicho,please select 'Only tour'

* 1 day tour have to prepare lunch, you can eating at the restaurant in ski resort (Norikura 1 day snowshoe tour) or order Oyki (Traditional bun in Japan) 

***Departure Time***
For private tour, we usually keep up the schedule with participants. Please refer to the departure time below.  The departure time below is for group tour.
Kamikochi Snowshoe Tour……7:00~9:00
Norikura Snowshoe Tour……8:00~9:30

*Meeting time and place is written in ''General policy'.

***About Language ***
All of guide can speak English and Japanese. If you need Chinese speaking guide, please choose appoint guide Mao. If you didn’t assign any guide, we will arrange your guide randomly.
*Guide assignment fee is 8,000 yen.

Like : Walking Long trail,Mountain Climbing,Snowboarding,
From : Chiba prefecture,Japan
From : Chiba prefecture,Japan
Language : Jap,Eng

Like : Bikepacking,Snowboarding,Mountain Climbing,
From : Taiwan
Language : Chinese ,Jap,Eng

Like : Mountain Climbing
From : prefecture,Japan
Language : Jap,Eng

You can choose the guide on the booking page.

《Norikura Half-day Private Snowshoe Tour》
The guide takes you to Zengoro Waterfall or Sanpon Waterfall.You can choose the course depending on the weather of the day.If you want to enjoy the tour at your own pace ,we recommend this tour.
Duration: About 3 hour

《Norikura One-day Private SnowshoeTour》
One-day snowshoe tour in Norikura Highlands. You can enjoying all the best view of Norikura in one day.  Hiking around with a guide and are invited to venture the fairytale-like serenity of winter.We will visit Sanbondaki waterfall, primeval forest, Ushidome Pond and Zengorou waterfall.
Duration: 7~8 hours

《Kamikochi Half-day Private Snowshoe Tour》
The course is the same as the Kamikochi Group Tour.
However,we can always take you to 'Tashiro pond' if you want.
Duration: 3~4 hours

《Kamikochi One-day Private Snowshoe Tour》
One day snowshoe tour to Kamikochi’s Taisho Pond,Tashiro Pond and Kappa bridge.
For the people who are not satisfied with the half day tour and who want to see kappa bridge.
Duration: 7.5 ~ 8 hours

Night Snow Shoeing Tour
Snow shoeing tour with Zengoro waterfall at night.

It is amazing experience to see beautiful frozen Zengoro waterfall at night,being surrounded with silence.

And if the weather is fine,you will be able to see beautiful starry sky.

Minimum number of participants : 2 people