setDailyPriceSetup JSON


Post JSON data here to modify daily price setup.

You cannot change the number of daily prices "dailyPriceCount" for the room with this function, if you want to increase of decrease the number of daily price rows use JSON modifyProperty.

See here for information about using the JSON API.

The JSON data is similar to that returned by getDailyPriceSetup. See it for information about the data fields.

The action field specifies the action to take and can only be "modify".

The roomId and dailyPriceNumber parameters must be specified and cannot be changed with the modify action.

It is not necessary to send unchanged fields when modifying data, it is better to only include the fields which have changed.

These fields can be used to link the daily price to use values from another daily price with optional offset. You cannot set the daily price directly when it is linked from another daily price.

Example Data

Modify daily price setup

    "authentication": {
        "apiKey": "apiKeyAsSetInAccountSettings",
        "propKey": "propKeyAsSetForTheProperty"
    "setDailyPriceSetup": [
            "action": "modify",
            "roomId": "123456",
            "dailyPrices": [
                    "dailyPriceNumber": "1",
                    "name": "daily price one"