Manage your listings with Airbnb's preferred partner.

One central and secure place to update all your distribution channels.

Take care of your calendars, prices and bookings with an Airbnb certified channel manager which has been continuously awarded preferred partner status.

Beds24 updates your prices, availability and property information automatically.

Being a Preferred Partner with Airbnb, Beds24 enjoys premium support and can offer Airbnb's latest API tools.

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Advanced features and functions which help to rank high on Airbnb

Listing import

Import your Airbnb listings into Beds24 to get started instantly.

Listing export

Create new Airbnb listings directly from your properties in Beds24.

Content management

Update pictures, descriptions, amenities and other content to Airbnb.

Advanced pricing options

Increase your performance with prices for different occupancies and different length of stay. Beds24 supports all of Airbnb's pricing models: LOS prices, rate plans, per day pricing.

Automated messaging and central mailbox

Communicate with your guests directly from the booking in Beds24. Smart templates and sophisticated triggers allow advanced automated communication.

Multi-inventory support

Beds24 supports both individual listings and multi-unit properties with pooled inventory for boutique hotels and other Airbnb property types for which Airbnb allows representative inventory.

Automated synchronization

2-way synchronization for bookings including modifications and cancellations. Choose to synchronize everything including content or availability and prices only.

Multi account

With Beds24 you can conveniently manage multiple Airbnb accounts from one central login.

Top-rated channel manager

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 Airbnb preferred software partner Premier Partner Best Performing Partner  

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