Cloud based property management system

Cloud PMS for your front desk

A Hotel property management system with powerful features which enhance your productivity.
Manage your lodging reliably and securely. Anytime from any device.

Cloud PMS Calendar

Powerful calendar

The calendar shows real time availability, bookings, prices an the status of your rooms.
  • Change prices
  • Assign rooms
  • Manage rooms
  • Add or change bookings
  • Block rooms
  • Set or remove restrictions

Customizable dashboards

Multiple fully customizable dashboards show the information relevant to you.
  • Quickly check guests in or check guests out
  • Take care of housekeeping and cleaning
  • View statistics and reports
  • Keep notes

Automated workflows

Save time handling your bookings, guests, invoicing housekeeping and reporting efficiently.

Automation tools do routines for you so you have more time for your guests.

  • Automated communication including pre and post stay E-mails.
  • Payment collection.
  • Instant price and availability sync across all sales channels.
  • Auto Actions to perform actions on bookings when specific triggers and rules are met.
  • Integrations with external services which help you automate other tasks.
Dynamic Pricing

Increase revenue with flexible Pricing

Increase revenue with a sophisticated pricing approach. Some of the many pricing options are

  • Seasonal prices
  • Prices and discounts based on number of guests
  • Prices for different length of stay
  • Voucher and discount codes
  • Add extras taxes or fees
  • Price linking across rooms or properties
  • Yield optimization and dynamic prices
  • Multiple prices with hierarchy

Property management system features include

Multiple fully customizable dashboards

Calendar to manage availability, bookings, rates and rooms

Smart inventory management

Automated payment processing

Automated messaging and template E-mails

WhatsApp Integration

Quick check in and check out function

Housekeeping component for the dashboard

Add extra┬┤s to bookings

Flexible rate and discount options

Dynamic prices

Yield optimizer to automatically adjust prices by rules

Group booking function

Split and slice functions to separate bookings by date or room

Guest profiles and guest database

Invoicing and taxes

Fully customizable guest registration form

Auto Actions to automatically amend bookings

Wide range of standard reports or custom reports

Flag bookings

Diary and notes function

Sell rooms in different layouts or constallations, shared inventory

Synchronise calendars

Fully integrated with Online Booking system and Channel Manager

Multiple users with full access for limited roles

Thousands of integrations with leading apps

Api to integrate with external systems

Mobile friendly

Export bookings, import bookings or enter manually

Secured with SSL technology and regular backups

Anywhere from any device. No software installation

...I spent almost 2 years testing/experimenting PMS and channel management software. I was simply looking for a solution that resolves my practical problems of double booking, taking payments automatically, flexible reporting on costs of operations so I can track what's going on.

...Beds24 meets my requirements and even goes beyond by offering amazingly advanced functionality such as yield price management ...

Hakem, Arenberg Home Apartments Brussels